ADA: in support of your work

16 March 2016

How ADA has evolved over years? In the post ADA always with you we told you about the first two stages of the evolution of ADA. Now it’s time to walk along the latest years.

2007, ADA 4 arrives

The new millennium brings with it many innovations: while Microsoft were introducing Windows Vista and DirectX 10 and Intel the first quad-core processor, Arcadia deploys a new version of ADA. The version 4 of ADA integrates CAD tools in the design environment and advanced tools for planning that allows the user to create complete environments with many rooms. In addition, we have introduced the possibility to create advanced rendering with movies and artistic effects to get more immersive and compelling results.


It was the year 2014: a new look for ADA

The concept of computer has evolved: hardware weight is getting smaller and Internet becomes, indeed, a working tool.

ADA 2014 moves to the “cloud” and this not only gives you a chance to stay up to date and get rid of CDs, keys and manuals, but also allows us to develop and innovate in a faster way.

So, your projects and your creativity take shape without requiring any phisical support.

Quick navigation, simplified controls, intuitive and customizable interface give you the opportunity to create more and more natural and realistic views: this is ADA 2014.

Designing interiors has never been so easy and fast, thanks to the integration in a single window of rendering and design functions.

This is ADA’s story, that is also our story. Arcadia always stands by you and continue to help your work keeping in touch with technological changes.


The challenge is open … we look to the future with you, with ADA 2016, the best ADA ever!