Arcadia has developed various resources aiming at providing its customers with accurate global support that will always be available before and after purchasing software.



Over 25 years of experience in this sector and thousands of partnerships with the most renowned producers and retailers put Arcadia in a position to offer very high-level advice, tailor made around the company’s needs and characteristics. After analysing the work done, the organisational structure and the production processes of the company, Arcadia puts forward to the customers several solutions and explains their features and mechanisms to enable the customer to wholly asses the offer. The project is therefore made to measure and the solution is applied so as to guarantee maximum integration and effectiveness with the already existing systems and methods.



After defining the project, an Arcadia task force deals with the software installation and sets up the system according to the structural and organizational characteristics of the customer. The staff involved is trained to guarantee the best use of software. After fixing the new system start up, all necessary safety measures are taken and the final configuration is set. The operators’ understanding of the system is then assessed and the system is started and tested.



Arcadia holds training course before and after the installation for both producers and points of sale so that every operator involved can have the necessary skills for the proper and effective management of the system and of each single component. The training courses are held by experts that provide detailed and clear information to be able to exploit the ADA potentials at best.



Arcadia allows creating and enriching IT catalogues with additional information and details in comparison with the paper version. Arcadia also creates virtual catalogues following the designer’s instructions, thus avoiding the construction and positioning of the prototype in the photographic studio. The projects developed in ADA® with the producer’s catalogue are exported with all furnishing and lighting elements and are then rendered in parallel in a computer network, thus providing high quality photorealistic results in a short time. Any 3D object can be supplied by the producer or is directly modelled by Arcadia.